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All financing options, solar loans and solar leases, are $0-down!

Solar Loans Texas

Solar Energy VS Electricity Bill Dallas Texas

By financing, you can immediately obtain a solar system with $0 upfront cost and start saving money immediately. Most people choose the 25- year solar option loan because it yields the lowest monthly payment. There is no prepayment penalty on this solar loan. There are multiple interest rate options to choose which vary in total cost. Think of it like buying down interest points on your mortgage. This solar loan will reamortize after 18 months so you can capitalize on the 30% solar tax credit, to lower your monthly payment.
People will ideal layouts for a solar installation are saving anywhere from 30-50% a month after incentives to go solar in Texas. It's possible to save even more money with solar by paying cash upfront.

 Before VS After Solar Dallas Texas

Our solar design and proposal software helps determine how much electricity will be generated from the solar panels to be installed on your property, based on your utility usage and other unique factors including but not limited to:
● Electricity use on the property ● Equipment ● Roof angels (azimuth)● Roof space ● Roof tilt● Roof shading● Climate ● Property Location

Compare your electricity bill to solar

  • Old Electricity Bill


  • New Electricity Bill


  • Monthly Savings


Solar Loan VS Solar Lease

It doesn't matter if you do a solar loan or solar purchase with Credible Solar. We have $0-down programs for solar financing and solar leases. Request a quote to see if you'll be save money with a solar installation.

Negative Electricity Bill With Solar

Some homeowners completely eliminate their electricity bill with solar. Some retail electricity providers allow rollover on the overproduction of your solar system so it's possible generate a credit on your electricity bill.

Why Solar Lease Instead of Loan?

Some homeowners completely eliminate their electricity bill with solar. Some retail electricity providers allow rollover on the overproduction of your solar system so it's possible generate a credit on your electricity bill.

Solar Lease

Credible Solar Company

Credible Solar is a Texas solar installation company founded in 2019 by Dallas, Texas native Dru Benn. We aren't the largest solar installer in Texas and our only investors are our customers. That's why we've pledged to provide a credible solar experience for any homeowner in Dallas that installs solar with us.
We use Texas-made solar panels, American-made solar inverters, and quality solar equipment meant to last. If you're looking for a Texas owned-and-operated, Christian solar company in Dallas with a commitment to customer satisfaction, go solar with Credible Solar.

Why Install Solar Panels?

Solar Tax Credit Dallas Texas
  • 30% Solar Tax Credit

    The Inflation Reduction Act passed by the Biden administration in 2022 makes homeowners eligible for $4,000-$20,000+ from the federal government for installing solar panels. This solar tax credit will continue at 30% until 2032. Many homeowners are using this federal tax credit pay down their solar system and save money on the monthly budget.

  • $0-Down Solar Program

    The $0-down solar program is way for homeowners to finance a solar lease or solar loan with monthly installments for $0 down. The zero-down solar financing allows you to take advantage of all the benefits of solar energy without that huge sum of money in the beginning, which is mainly what discourages most people from opting for solar energy.

  • Solar Buyback Program

    Net Metering and Solar Buyback Plans from local electricity companies such as Reliant, Green Mountain, and TXU allow homeowners to sell their extra electricity back to the grid. Yes, it's possible to receive a negative electricity bill in Texas if you overproduce electricity in the billing period.

  • Protect Your Home Against Power Outages

    Installing solar panels can be a great way to make sure your home is safe in the case of an emergency. Installing sunlight backup, a solar battery and/or a generator(s) can provide electricity for your home in case of emergency situations.

Home Solar Installation

Solar Installation Packages
  • Gold Package

    Mission Solar panels (Texas-made), Enphase Microinverters (American-Made), Interconnection with utility (Net Metering), 25-year solar monitoring, Lifetime Customer Support

  • Platinum Package

    Gold Package + Sunlight Backup

  • Diamond Package

    Platinum Package + Home Generator

  • Credible Package

    Diamond Package + Home Solar Battery

Solar Installation

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Avoid Expensive Electricity With Solar

Historical Cost of Electricity Dallas, Texas

Paying too much for electricity?

Discover a lower rate for electricity with a solar panel installation.


Historical Electricity Rates (Texas)

2016 - $.08 kwH

2017 - $.089 kwH

2018 - $.115 kwH

2019 - $.117 kwH

2020 - $.118 kwH

2021 - $.125 kwH

2022 - $.201 kwH

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