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The cost of solar panels in texas is cheaper than the utility provider for many homeowners in Texas.

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Should you purchase a solar system?

Negative Electricity Bill Oncor Green Mountain Energy


Should you lease your solar system?

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Should you make a power purchase agreement? PPAs are common with commercial properties.

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You want to purify the water in your home? See our different options below.

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Duromax and Generac generators available. 

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Install solar and replace your roof at the same time with Credible Solar!

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Roof Replacement

Developing marketing and business strategy to help company grow fast.

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Detach and Reattach Solar Panels

After sales support in marketing, sales, and staff training for enhanced performance.

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74% Heat-Block Reflective Window Tinting

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Install blow-in and foam insulation for your attic with Credible Solar.

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Control your Air Conditioning and Heat Remotely with a Smart Thermostat.

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Water Purification

You want to purify the water in your home? See our different options below.

Texas ranked #1 in the United States for solar energy

Texas Annual Solar Installations 2022

Why is Solar Gaining Popularity?

  • Electricity prices are on the rise!

    Studies state the average North Texan wastes about $3,000 on electricity every year! Texas electricity rates are on the rise and homeowners in Dallas, Texas are switching to solar for a cheaper electricity rate. Compare your electricity rate with solar to see if you can save money on electricity with solar now!

  • The weather & climate are great for solar!

    The sun is the most abundant source of energy in our universe. Solar power simply harnesses this free energy, which has been providing light and life on earth for billions of years. The sun’s energy comes from nuclear fusion, which is an ongoing process that releases tremendous amounts of usable energy.
    Dallas enjoys a comfortable climate, receiving an average of 256 sunny days to the nation's average of 205 days of sun. Temperatures range from 33 degrees to over 100, but averages about 70-85 degrees throughout the year. Dallas receives an average of 15 inches of rain to the United State's average of 38 inches a year.
    During the wintertime, Dallas receives about 10 hours of sunlight and gets about 14 daylight hours in the summertime. All of this considered, Dallas is one of the best places for a solar panel installation. Homeowners who have a solar array installed could see short and long term savings on their electric bill and increase their home’s property value.

  • Solar is saving homeowners money on electricity!

    You may have questions about installing solar panels. Making the switch to solar is easy with Credible Solar, starting with setting up a free consultation. We work side-by-side with you to make sure we accommodate your home or businesses' energy needs.
    We are comfortable installing on rooftops, sheds, and on the ground. We have the software to customize whatever solar power system you want. We understand energy and are excited to speak with you.
    We have an office near MacArthur in Irving and in Downtown Dallas. Give us a call or request your free solar estimate now!

  • Credible Solar Installation

    Local companies tend to care for their customers better and Credible Solar is a proud solar company out of Dallas. Solar energy is a simple and reliable way for us to harness the sun's renewable energy as a power source and adding solar to your Dallas property can get you immediate and long term savings on the electricity bill. You can turn your electricity bill from a monthly expense to a monthly investment with a solar installation from Credible Solar in Dallas.
    Why waste so much money paying the utility provider for electricity when you can invest in a solar system for your home or business? You can save money immediately with solar by using one of Credible Solar's $0 down and low-interest financing options. Discover what short and long term savings you could get from going solar in Dallas. Request a quote to see how much you can save today!

How many solar panels do you need?

 Before VS After Solar Dallas TexasSolar Energy VS Electricity Bill Dallas Texas

Our solar design and proposal software helps determine how much electricity will be generated from the solar panels to be installed on your property, based on your utility usage and other unique factors including but not limited to:
● Electricity use on the property ● Equipment ● Roof angels (azimuth)● Roof space ● Roof tilt● Roof shading● Climate ● Property Location

Negative Electricity Bill With Solar In Dallas, Texas

Compare your electricity bill to solar

  • Old Electricity Bill


  • New Electricity Bill


  • Monthly Savings


Some homeowners completely eliminate their electricity bill with solar Dallas. Some retail electricity providers allow rollover on the overproduction of your solar system so it's possible generate a credit on your electricity bill.

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Affiliate Marketing is a way to make money when you promote products or services. With the Credible Solar affiliate program you, the solar affiliate, earn $1000 for referring customers who purchase a solar energy system from Credible Solar. It's a win-win for all parties involved.

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Its really that simple to start making money online with solar.

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