Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Texas

Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Texas

Texans can now sign up for virtual power plant to help grid, make money

Home and business owners in Texas are already generating cash daily with solar batteries, which can be programmed to automatically to send electricity to the grid when electricity prices are expensive.

When enrolled with Tesla Electric, you will earn $10 per Powerwall on your monthly electric bill, in exchange for your Powerwall’s contribution to Texas' VPP (virtual power plant) program. This $10 per Powerwall is in addition to your monthly Sellback Credits earned for energy that you send back to the grid. You don't have to compromise your energy security to participate. You can adjust your Backup Reserve to set your contribution, while maintaining backup energy for outages.

Tesla Electric VPP Buyback


● Tesla Powerwall owners with or without solar are eligible to participate in ERCOT's ADER pilot if they:● Are a Tesla Electric member in Texas in good standing● Are not enrolled in a conflicting ERCOT or non-utility demand response program or another Virtual Power Plant● Have a valid interconnection agreement● Maintain an active Tesla account, Tesla app and internet connection for your Powerwall at all times● Are in one of the participating TDSP (Transmission and Distribution Service Provider) service territories

The cost of solar panels in texas is cheaper than the utility provider for many homeowners in Texas.

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