Credible Solar Partnership Program

Join the most fastest growing industry in the United States with Credible Solar's solar dealer program.


For individuals


$ 99/month


Solar Proposal Software Access

Docusign Access

5 Finance options

Credible Solar webportal

Bi-Monthly Educational Workshops

Credible Solar Certified Dealer Status


For startups


$ 249 /month


Everything in Certified dealer status

Onboarding template for new hires

Access to Credible Solar Knowledge Base

4 Educational Workshops

2 Individual Training Session

2 Master Class On-Site Seminar


For small business owners


$ 499 /month


Free Initial Consultation

6 Educational Workshops

Access to 7 Online Courses

6 Educational Workshops

5 Individual Training Session

4 Master Class On-Site Seminar


For business organizations


$ 999 /month


Free Initial Consultation

20 Educational Workshops

Access to 10 Online Courses

20 Educational Workshops

7 Individual Training Session

7 Master Class On-Site Seminar


Exclusive benefits


$ 1499 /month


Free Initial Consultation

20 Educational Workshops

Access to All Online Courses

20 Educational Workshops

10 Individual Training Session

15 Master Class On-Site Seminar

Partner up Credible Solar.

We take care of financing, pulling permits, the interconnection agreement, ordering materials, and installation! You sell. Sound fair?

Collaborative Sales Process

We genuinely want to provide customers with the best sales experience. We work with your company side-by-side with to tailor custom energy solutions unique to each home or business. We want your business to grow.

"Knock It Out The Park" Mentality

We want to hit a home run with our customers by providing unmatched service in our home energy solutions. 

Customer Service and Assistance

Your business will be able to your customer's solar, home or business, and security all from the same app. Call, text, or email us if you need some help and we will get back to you ASAP!

Quality Installations

We offer black on black panels and heat blocking, reflective window tinting for your new Credible home and business!