Credible Solar Dealer Program 

Become a Credible Solar Dealer

Credible Solar offers competitive financing rates and low dealer fees for your solar customers so your organization can compete in the field. Whether you need a solar loan or lease, we have financing for (almost) every homeowner!

$0-down solar financing● Fast installation● Quality solar equipment Enphase Sunlight Ready BackupCustomer service● Local installation teamSolar proposal software● Customer review serviceSolar panel system monitoring and maintenanceLead generation for your business

Grow your business with Credible Solar

  • Step 1 

    To start, you will send us your list of current projects closed in the past 6 – 24 months. Our Quality Control team will call your customers. They will collect feedback on the job and their experience with your service

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    Step 2

    At the end of the call, if it was a positive experience, we will send them a review link and ask them to review their experience on the platform of your choice; Google, Angie’s List, Yelp, etc. If their experience was negative, we will collect that information and send it to you as internal feedback. We would then qualify them for the local solar programs in their area. If they are a candidate and end up moving forward with solar, we pay your business commission for every solar deal from your customers.

  • Step 3

    Review the internal feedback from our team and see the status of qualified solar candidates. Our sales team is highly qualified and we Pay our partners on a weekly basis.