Credible Solar Services

Residential Solar Installation

Solar Purchase

Should you purchase a solar system?

Negative Electricity Bill

Solar Lease

Should you lease your solar system?

Solar Ground Mount System

Solar PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)

Should you make a power purchase agreement? PPAs are common with commercial properties.

Solar Battery

Solar Batteries

Installing a solar battery can keep your power on in the event of an utility grid outage.


Home Backup Generators

Duromax and Generac generators available. 

Solar Neighborhood

Solar and Roofing

Install solar and replace your roof at the same time with Credible Solar!


Roof Replacement

Credible roofing services

Detach and Reattach Solar Panels

Detach and Reattach Solar Panels

Usually covered by homeowner's insurance.


Window Tinting

74% Heat-Block Reflective Window Tinting


Attic Insulation

Install blow-in and foam insulation for your attic with Credible Solar.

Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostats

Control your Air Conditioning and Heat Remotely with a Smart Thermostat.

Water Purification System

Water Purification

You want to purify the water in your home? Request a consultation.