Solar Panel Installation

4 Reasons To Go Solar Power

#1 Mitigate Risk

The average American household spends about $2,000 a year on electricity — and that's before rising energy costs start factoring into the equation. Solar panels allow you to generate electricity directly on your own property, cutting out the middleman utility provider. Depending on your location, they may even be able to provide all of your power needs.

#2 Upgrade your home

Installing a solar panel system will allow your home to generate its own electricity. A solar battery and/or a generator can provide electricity for your home in case of emergency situations.

#3 Save Money

The price of solar panels has decreased over 50% since 2010, so it is much easier for people realize the benefits of solar energy. Second, the overall efficiency of solar panels has increased due to new technological advancements. With the rising electricity rates, solar has become the new cheapest source of electricity for homeowners across the United States.

#4 Help your community

When people generate their own energy, they don’t rely on centralized utility companies for electricity. This means less strain on the grid and lower prices for everyone.

So when you shop for solar power, you do more than make your own electricity—you help keep electricity costs low for everyone.

4 reasons to go solarCredible Solar Services

Whether you’re just curious or ready to move forward, you’re in the right place. We can walk with you through your journey. Be able to make an informed decision whether solar is right for your Little Elm property today!

Net Metering with Solar


What is Net Metering?

Some solar panels produce more electricity than a home consumes, so this extra power is sent to the grid and credited on the homeowner's energy bill at a lower value. The credit offsets electricity used at night or times when solar production is low. Some power companies will also buy extra electricity generation from homeowners or businesses with solar panels through net metering.

Upgrade your energy efficiency and save money by reducing your electrical usage!

Incentives to go solar!


PerformanceProductLabor & ShippingSolar System Monitoring

Ownership of Power With Solar

Right now you're renting your power from the utility provider! You have nothing to show for all the money spent with your utility provider. When you finish paying off your solar power system, it still produces electricity! Request a quote to see what the return on investment for your home would be.

Federal Solar Tax Credits & Utility Provider Incentives

Homeowners may be eligible for a 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit. Utility providers will also credit you for all the electricity produced from your system.

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Increase Home Value With Solar

According to Zillow, homes with solar panels sell for 4.1% more on average than comparable homes without solar panels. That's right, you get increased home value for spending money on something you already have to purchase.

Solar is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States!

Gold, Platinum, or Diamond?


Is your home's energy backed up in case of an emergency?


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Example Solar Proposal (real customer)

Old Bill: $300 /monthSolar Bill: $169 /monthINSTANT Savings: $131 /monthLong-Term Savings: $100,000+

Fun Fact
Solar is projected to be the #1 producer of electricity globally in 2050.

Energy Storage and Back-up

Tesla Powerwall 2

Tesla solar home energy backup Power Wall 2 battery.

Enphase Battery

Enphase solar home energy backup battery.

Duromax Generator

Duromax home energy backup generator for all electric homes.

Generac Generator

Generac home energy backup generator for part gas homes.

Discover how renewables can help you and your home or business.


Make The Switch To Solar

1. You request an appointment with a Credible Solar representative and earn an opportunity to receive a solar energy proposal tailored specific to your home or business.
2. Our software accounts for the climate, shading conditions, and the roof space and angles of your property to more accurately access how much electricity your solar system can generate.
3. The proposal makes financial sense for your family or business and we get you approved for the solar program.
4. We conduct a site survey to ensure the system we design will actually fit on your roof and your custom solar design is shipped off to the city for permitting. With the COVID-19 pandemic this can be the longest part of the process. Don't worry and be patient, we will call you to schedule your installation as soon as we get permits back.
5. Your solar energy system is installed. This part of the process usually takes less than a day.
6. The city conducts an inspection to ensure the solar system is up to code. Afterwards the utility provider will schedule a time to actually activate your system. This part of the process can take a couple of weeks.
7. Download the Credible Solar app from the Apple App or Google Play Store for solar monitoring and to get paid for your referrals. We pay $1000 for every referral.

Is your home's energy backed up in case of an emergency?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens at night?

    If power is needed at night time you would just draw from the energy credit you've accumulated with the utility grid since we're still hooked in with them. If you have not generated an energy credit with them yet you would be charged for your electricity like normal. There's no need to ever think your home will run out of power. This all falls under the net metering program that's available with your utility provider. There are also battery solutions that can be installed in case you still need electricity in the very rare instance that the grid went out.
  • How much will I save?

    Savings depend largely on the cost of your electricity, the available roof space and angles, and the shading situation of the home or business that's being installed. If you aren't moving soon it is always a good idea to request a free consultation.
  • Will I still get a bill from the utility?

    Unless your solar energy system includes battery storage and you are fully off the grid, you will still receive a bill from your utility. However, you can dramatically reduce your bill and even cut the amount you owe to $0 with a solar panel system that matches your energy use.
  • Will I need to let my homeowner's insurance know about solar?

    Most insurance companies work nationwide and have been dealing with solar clients for decades. You'll need to call your insurance provider and let them know you've added solar to your house at installation.
  • When it rains are the solar panels on my roof useless?

    During the daytime there's enough light for the solar technology to generate electricity, even when it rains. Homeowners can draw into their solar electricity credit from previous energy generated by the solar system. With the net metering program this all happens automatically without the need for a home battery.
  • How long will my solar power system last?

    Generally, solar panels are durable and capable of withstanding snow, wind, and hail. The various components of your solar power system will need to be replaced at different times but, your system should continue to generate electricity for 25 to 35 years.

Solar is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States!

Solar in the United States