Transmission and Distribution Utility (TDU) Charges


What are TDU charges?

They’re state-regulated charges from the utility grid to deliver electricity. These charges are the same regardless of your electricity provider. They’re based mostly on how much electricity you import from the grid each month and average .04-.05 cents/kwH.

How can you avoid delivery charges?

The only way to avoid delivery charges from the utility grid is to not import electricity from the grid. That's why many solar customers are now adding on-site energy storage batteries to their solar system so they can greatly reduce and even eliminate your delivery charges each month.

Are solar batteries expensive?

The cost of adding a solar battery to your solar system can be paid for by the savings from reducing / eliminating TDU delivery charges from your utility bill each month. Not only that, homeowners in deregulated utility areas that add a solar battery to their solar system can opt into Texas' Virtual Power Plant Program and create another revenue stream by selling back to the utility grid when electricity is expensive.

Next steps?

#1: Check your utility bill and see how much you're paying every month in just delivery charges each month.#2: Request a free energy audit to determine what you can save in delivery charges by adding a solar battery to your property.

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