Solar Batteries

Solar battery charge from surplus solar production illustration

Solar batteries charge from your solar array or from the grid to keep your home or business powered during a grid outage.

Tesla Powerwall - Partial & Whole Property Energy Backup 

Experience the ultimate backup solution with a Tesla Powerwall - a fully integrated battery system that stores your solar energy for added protection during grid outages. With its advanced detection capabilities, the Tesla Powerwall swiftly detects power interruptions and seamlessly powers your home and electric vehicle using stored backup energy. Plus, with its solar recharging capability, the Tesla Powerwall ensures your appliances keep running for days by automatically replenishing its energy reserves with sunlight. Enjoy uninterrupted power and peace of mind with Powerwall's reliable backup energy solution.

franklin whole home battery and monitoring

Franklin WH - Partial & Whole Property Energy Backup 

The Franklin Whole Home battery, known as the aPower, offers comprehensive home backup capabilities by intelligently managing energy usage. It effectively switches off power-hungry appliances as needed. The Franklin WH battery can seamlessly connect to any existing solar inverter and is capable of starting air conditioners with a capacity of up to 4 tons. Moreover, it supports multiple charging sources, including solar, grid, and backup generators. With 13.6 kWh of lithium iron phosphate battery cells and its integrated inverter, the aPower efficiently converts DC power from the batteries into AC power for home consumption. The smart energy management system, aGate, takes charge of controlling battery charging, discharging, and optimizing power distribution within the property's circuits.


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Energy Storage and Backup

Tesla Powerwall 3

Tesla solar home energy backup Power Wall 3 battery.

Enphase Battery

Enphase solar home energy backup battery.

Duromax Generator

Duromax home energy backup generator.

Generac Generator

Generac home energy backup generator for part gas homes.