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    We provide and install the equipment. The initial site visit, design & engineering, electrical, procurement, startup & testing, maintenance & monitoring and other related tasks are all on us.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Why Would I Install A Standby Generator?

    A standby generator provides energy for your property during an electrical outage. A generator can keep essential equipment, such as WiFi, lights, HVAC, refrigerators and freezers, working when the power goes out. Credible Solar often installs an ATS (automatic transfer switch) with the generator so that when the power goes out, the electrical loads automatically transfer to the generator.

  • Permanent Standby Generator or Portable Generator?

    A permanent standby generator equip with an ATS (automatic transfer switch) will automatically power your electrical loads in the event of an outage. A portable generator usually runs on propane or gasoline and would need to manually turned on during an electrical outage.
    Standby generators are more expensive and can be expensive to install. Mobile generators are more economical and can be purchased for a couple thousands dollars.

  • What Financing Options Are Available?

    There are $0-down financing options available for generator installation. Request a free estimate to get started.

  • How Much Does A Generator Installation Cost?

    Every generator installation will have a different cost. The only way to get an accurate number is to get an in-home consultation. Our energy consultant will listen to your needs, evaluate your property and give you a detailed estimate for free. There are $0 down financing options available.