Solar Panel Installation in Wharton, Texas

Is your home's energy backed up in case of an emergency?

How much do solar panels cost in Wharton, Texas?

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Credible Solar Affiliate Program

Most people who go solar in Texas apply for no cost switch-to-solar financing. That allows Texas homeowners to start saving day 1 if qualified for the solar program. Credible Solar offers multiple financing options for homeowners choose from.
Texas is a great market for solar energy with some of the best solar power potential in the country. The average solar panel cost in Texas is $2.70/W, and you can expect to pay $15,000 for an average 5 kilowatt (kW) system. With these numbers as a reference, you could get a sense of what you will be spending on your new home Credible Solar system.
The Federal Tax Credit and state incentives can further reduce your investment costs by thousands of dollars, making it much more affordable to go solar. For example, after applying the federal tax credit and state rebates and incentives, the net price for a 5 kW solar system in Texas falls below $10,000! That's almost half off! Credible Solar was founded in Dallas-Fort Worth and provides solar panel, generator, electric vehicle charger, and roofing installations. We're happy to give you a free no-obligation proposal.

3 reasons solar panels save money in Wharton, Texas.

#1. Homeowners who do install solar panels on their home there's a federal solar tax credit worth 26% of the total cost of the solar system in 2021. The federal solar tax credit will drop to 22% in 2022 and 0% in 2023. A lot of North Texans are using this federal tax credit pay down their solar system and save money on the monthly budget.
#2. Net Metering and Solar Buyback Plans from local electricity companies such as Reliant, Green Mountain, and TXU allow homeowners to sell their extra electricity back to the grid. Yes, it's possible to receive a negative electricity bill in Texas if you overproduce electricity in the billing period.

#3. Solar lenders are offering no cost switch-to- solar financing options with Credible Solar for qualified homeowners.

The cost of solar panels in texas is cheaper than the utility provider for many homeowners in Texas.

#1 Mitigate Risk

Solar energy is an excellent way to hedge against rising energy prices. Solar energy produces electricity at the retail rate so even when electricity rates rise, your solar bill doesn't. Once you finish paying off your solar system you don't have a electricity bill anymore. Plus, solar doesn't pollute the environment as much as other forms of electricity and decentralizes our energy grid, making it more reliable.

#2 Upgrade your home

If you're looking to upgrade your home, installing solar panels can be a great way to make sure your home is safe, even in the case of an emergency. Installing a solar battery and/or a generator can provide electricity for your home in case of emergency situations.

When you install a solar panel system, you will be able to upgrade your home with energy-efficient appliances and other improvements, such as upgraded insulation or the roofing of the property. Solar energy has been around for many years, but it's only recently that it has become affordable for homeowners all across the country.

#3 Save money

Solar technology has greatly improved since first implemented in late 2000s residentially. It's now cheaper than utility providers in most states. The average home spends $1,200 per year on electricity. A typical solar panel system will pay for itself in about 10 years, and could save you $2,500 per year on your energy bill. That's money you can use to invest back into your home or other financial goals.

#4 Help your community

A decentralized grid is a network of homes and businesses that get their power from non-utility producers and local energy sources. This takes the pressure off of centralized utilities who are having trouble keeping up with a growing demand for energy.

In addition, decentralized grids help keep electricity prices low for everyone because now you only use as much electricity as you need instead of relying on a utility company to produce enough for everyone. This helps keep costs down since you’re not paying for sources of power you don’t use.

Solar energy provides an increasingly important way to decentralize our grid network and minimize our reliance on centralized utilities while providing clean, renewable power to everyone.

4 reasons to add solar to your home

#1 Generate Electricity From The Sun

Solar panels are comprised of smaller solar cells which are made of the element Silicon. Whenever sunlight hits the the element silicon it creates electricity. 
Fun Fact: The name Silicon is derived from the Latin word 'silex' or 'silicis', which means flint. "Flint"stone is made of mostly silicon and has been used to create fire. Now it's helping us generate electricity from the sun!

#2 Convert Electricity With Solar Inverters

Solar panels produce direct current (DC) power while we use alternating current (AC) electricity for our homes and businesses. We must convert this DC electricity to AC power with solar inverters.
Tip: Do research whether your property is best suited for a string, micro, or string with power optimizer inverter(s) to go with your solar panel installation. 

#3 Net Metering

Connect the wires and circuits into the solar energy system and direct this electric current to power our electric powered appliances. In Texas, your solar system is grid tied so any excess power generated goes to the grid to power neighboring homes and businesses. You can save money with the solar net metering program.

#4 Generator Backup

Do you remember when the grid went down across Texas during a winter storm and people were without power for days? Well, that kind of thing could never happen to you if you decide to install a generator system at home. A benefit of installing a generator is that you’ll never be without power again. If the grid goes down then you can switch to a natural gas, propane, or gasoline generator for electricity.

#5 Solar Battery Backup

Numerous people have solar panels installed today which pay for themselves through savings on their electricity bill. These people are living proof that the cost of solar panels is no longer an issue. However, if you live in an area where there are frequent blackouts or need energy backup for your home then your solar panels will not be able to function when the centralized utility grid goes out. Installing a solar battery backup system will ensure your home or business keeps power in the event of an outage.

How Solar Works

Why is Solar Gaining Popularity In Wharton?

  • Electricity prices are on the rise in Texas!

    Studies state the average North Texan wastes about $3,000 on electricity every year! Texas electricity rates are on the rise and homeowners in Wharton, Texas are switching to solar for a cheaper electricity rate. Compare your electricity rate with solar to see if you can save money on electricity with solar now!

  • The weather & climate in Wharton is great for solar!

    The sun is the most abundant source of energy in our universe. Solar power simply harnesses this free energy, which has been providing light and life on earth for billions of years. The sun’s energy comes from nuclear fusion, which is an ongoing process that releases tremendous amounts of usable energy.
    Wharton enjoys a comfortable climate, receiving an average of 256 sunny days to the nation's average of 205 days of sun. Temperatures range from 33 degrees to over 100, but averages about 70-85 degrees throughout the year. Wharton receives an average of 15 inches of rain to the United State's average of 38 inches a year.
    During the wintertime, Wharton receives about 10 hours of sunlight and gets about 14 daylight hours in the summertime. All of this considered, Wharton is one of the best places for a solar panel installation. Homeowners who have a solar array installed could see short and long term savings on their electric bill and increase their home’s property value.

  • Solar is saving homeowners money on electricity!

    You may have questions about installing solar panels. Making the switch to solar is easy with Credible Solar, starting with setting up a free consultation. We work side-by-side with you to make sure we accommodate your home or businesses' energy needs.
    We are comfortable installing on rooftops, sheds, and on the ground. We have the software to customize whatever solar power system you want. We understand energy and are excited to speak with you.
    Give us a call or request your free solar estimate now!

  • Credible Solar Installation in Wharton

    Local companies tend to care for their customers better and Credible Solar is a proud solar company out of Wharton. Solar energy is a simple and reliable way for us to harness the sun's renewable energy as a power source and adding solar to your Wharton property can get you immediate and long term savings on the electricity bill. You can turn your electricity bill from a monthly expense to a monthly investment with a solar installation from Credible Solar in Wharton.
    Why waste so much money paying the utility provider for electricity when you can invest in a solar system for your home or business? You can save money immediately with solar by using one of Credible Solar's $0 down and low-interest financing options. Discover what short and long term savings you could get from going solar in Wharton. Request a quote to see how much you can save today!

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