• 80% Americans DON'T qualify for solar!

    You may qualify for a federal tax credit for 26% the total cost of your solar system. Ask us about local incentives with your utility provider.


Studies indicate the average American will waste $3,000 on electricity this year!


Time is running out to receive green energy tax credit for 2021!

Fun Fact
Solar is projected to be the #1 producer of electricity globally in 2050.

Credible Solar Installation in West Texas

  • Solar Company: Credible Solar in Odessa, Texas.

    Credible Solar is a proud solar installer in West Texas, including the city of Odessa. Solar energy is a simple and reliable way for us to harness the sun's renewable energy as a power source and adding solar to your Odessa property can get you immediate and long term savings on the electricity bill. You can turn your electricity bill from a monthly expense to a monthly investment with a solar installation from Credible Solar in Odessa.
    Why waste so much money paying the utility provider for electricity when you can invest in a solar system for your home or business? You can save money immediately with solar by using one of Credible Solar's $0 down and low-interest financing options. Discover what short and long term savings you could get from going solar in Odessa. Request a quote to see how much you can save today!

  • Cost of Solar Panels: Odessa, Texas.

    Most people in Odessa Texas don’t pay cash for their solar. It's more common for residents to opt into solar financing and make a cheap monthly payment that is less than their monthly electricity bill.

    This means that many Odessa homeowners are saving money the first day their solar panel system is activated. Homeowners accumulate even more savings in the long term as the typical solar panel warranty is 25 years.

  • Cost of Doing Nothing: Electricity prices in Odessa, Texas.

    Studies indicate the average American will waste $3,000 on electricity this year!

  • Odessa, Texas & Solar Energy.

    The strength and spirit of Odessa runs deep. George H.W Bush once said "At Odessa we became Texans, and proud of it.” The movie Friday Night Lights is based on Odessa's Permian Panthers High School football team in the late 80's. Odessa is also home of the late great Navy Seal Chris Kyle, which the popular film "American Sniper" based on his life and service in the US military.

    Odessa incorporated as a US city in 1881 as a railroad campsite and is the county seat of Ector County. Ector county discovered petroleum between 1926-1927 and it now plays a vital role for the oil and gas industry in Texas. It is one of the largest cities in the Midland-Odessa metroplex with more than 125,000 people making their home in the city. You can most easily drive through the city using Interstate 1-20 and fly in and out using the Midland International Air & Space Port.

    The city is home to two colleges. Odessa College which was formed in 1946 and The University of Texas of the Permian Basin established in 1969.

  • Weather Conditions Make Solar Perfect for West Texas!

    Odessa enjoys a comfortable climate, receiving an average of 256 sunny days to the nation's average of 205 days of sun. Temperatures range from 33 degrees to over 100, but averages about 70-85 degrees throughout the year. Odessa receives an average of 15 inches of rain to the United State's average of 38 inches a year.

    During the wintertime, Odessa receives about 10 hours of sunlight and gets about 14 daylight hours in the summertime. All of this considered, Odessa is one of the best places for a solar panel installation. Homeowners who have a solar array installed could see short and long term savings on their electric bill and increase their home’s property value.

  • Do You Qualify For Solar? Apply now.

    Credible Solar is ready to install solar panels on your home or business in Odessa. We are comfortable installing on rooftops, sheds, and on the ground. We have the software to customize whatever solar power system you want. Making the switch to solar is easy with Credible Solar, starting with setting up a free consultation. We work side-by-side with you to make sure we accommodate your home or businesses' energy needs. Our operating manager in Odessa has been in the energy industry for 30 years and still works in the oil field. We understand energy and are excited to speak with you.

    We have an office next to HEB in Odessa. Give us a call or go online to request your free solar estimate today!

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