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Credible Solar is a BBB Accredited Solar Energy Contractor in Little Elm, TX

Texas Owned and Operated Solar Company

Credible Solar is a Texas owned and operated company and has moved to several other states in the south US. In Texas, we've historically enjoyed low electricity rates due to our booming oil and gas industry. With the recent green energy initiative, energy providers in Texas and around the United States have been disincentivized to build coal and gas plants to generate electricity. Consequently, the cheap electricity that we've been accustomed to the last few decades is gone, making solar power the fastest growing industry in Texas and the United States!


Credible Solar Mission

We incorporated to bring credibility to the emerging and essential solar industry. Credible Solar is comfortable with solar panel installation and hires locally. It's our mission at Credible Solar to be a reliable solution for home and business owners who want to experience the benefits of solar energy. It's our job at Credible Solar to investigate the circumstances that come unique to every client before implementing an energy solution. Credible Solar has teamed up with utility providers and the federal government to make the transition into renewable energy seamless and affordable. We're a proud American solar panel company who will continue making a positive change in the way our society consumes energy.

Inflation Reduction Act and Home Solar Installation

The solar tax credit has been extended until 2032 at 30% according to the Inflation Reduction Act.

Quality Solar Equipment

Credible Solar Panels

Credible Solar has access to every make and model of solar panel on the market. When choosing a solar panel, you’ll want to consider:
Solar panel wattage-one of the most important considerations you'll make when you're shopping for a solar panel system. It tells you how much power the panels are capable of producing, and therefore how much electricity they can send back to your home or business. The higher it is, the more power you can potentially create and the more money you can make.
Trying to figure out how much solar panel wattage you need is a little tricky. That's why our software at Credible Solar considers how much energy you use and how many hours of sunlight your location gets.
The manufacturer: Credible Solar works with trusted brands and suppliers to ensure you’ll get the best quality on your roof.
The manufacturer’s warranty: The length and level of protection included with your solar panels is an important factor to consider before making your investment.


Credible Solar Inverters

Inverters are also important to consider as well. It's the inverter that converts the DC current produced by your solar panels to AC current for use in your house. The quality of inverter can vary greatly, which is why it's important to make an informed choice when shopping for one.Here's some things to keep in mind when considering a solar inverter:
String VS Micro Inverter(s): Should you install a string inverter with your solar system? How about micro inverters? What are the advantages? Our solar professionals are happy to advise you which inverter may be better for your new solar home or business.
Maximum continuous output power: Every inverter has a maximum rated power and will generally never output more than their max-rated AC power. It is critical to size your solar system to the correct inverter or there will be significant losses. Our solar professionals are happy to advise you which inverter may be better for your new solar home or business.
The manufacturer: Credible Solar works with trusted brands and suppliers to ensure you’ll get the best quality on your roof.


Free Solar Calculator

Credible Solar Services

Residential Solar Installation


Should you purchase a solar system?

Negative Electricity Bill


Should you lease your solar system?

Solar Ground Mount System

Power Purchase Agreement

Should you make a power purchase agreement? PPAs are common with commercial properties.

Enphase Sunlight Backup System

Enphase Sunlight Backup

An Enphase Sunlight Backup system provides backup when the sun is shining. Sunlight backup needs at least one IQ Load Controller installed on site.

Solar Battery

Solar Batteries

Installing a solar battery can keep your power on in the event of an utility grid outage.

Credible Solar Generac Generator Installation

Home Backup Generators

Duromax and Generac generators available. 

Mission Solar Panel Residential Solar Installation in SA TX

Solar and Roofing

Install solar and replace your roof at the same time with Credible Solar!

Black on Black Mission Solar Panel Residential Solar Installation

Roof Replacement

Credible roofing services

Detach and Reattach Solar Panels

Detach and Reattach Solar Panels

Usually covered by homeowner's insurance.

Window Tinting Service

Window Tinting

74% Heat-Block Reflective Window Tinting

Attic Insulation Service

Attic Insulation

Install blow-in and foam insulation for your attic with Credible Solar.

Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostats

Control your Air Conditioning and Heat Remotely with a Smart Thermostat.

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