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  • Local Solar Company- Credible Solar Founded in Little Elm, Texas in 2019.

    Credible Solar is a proud solar installer in North Texas and was originally founded in Little Elm, Texas. Solar energy is a simple and reliable way for us to harness the sun's renewable energy as a power source and adding solar to your Little Elm property can get you immediate and long term savings on the electricity bill. You can turn your electricity bill from a monthly expense to a monthly investment with a solar installation from Credible Solar in Little Elm.

    Why waste so much money paying the utility provider for electricity when you can invest in a solar system for your home or business? You can save money immediately with solar by using one of Credible Solar's $0 down and low-interest financing options. Discover what short and long term savings you could get from going solar in Little Elm. Request a quote to see how much you can save today!

  • Cost of Solar Panels- Little Elm, Texas.

    Most people in Little Elm don’t purchase their solar systems with an huge upfront cash payment. Often times residents opt into $0 down solar financing and make a cheap monthly payment that is less than their monthly electricity bill.

    This means that many Little Elm homeowners are saving money the first day their solar panel system is activated. Homeowners accumulate even more savings in the long term as the typical solar panel warranty is 25 years.

  • Little Elm, Texas & Solar Energy.

    Little Elm is one of the fastest growing places not only in Texas, but the United States. For this reason property values have soared in the last decade and continue to climb to new highs every year. Almost the whole city is serviced by CoServ Electric and most homes and businesses in the area have enough roof space to capitalize on the benefits of solar panels. Little Elm has cheap electricity rates and solar power is still a great option for any home or business owner looking to settle down in the area. Little Elm has a solar energy system installed on the Town Hall & Public Safety Center.

    Little Elm was chartered in 1841 as part of the Republic of Texas. It was officially incorporated as a town on June 7, 1966. It is one of the fastest growing cities in Denton county with more than 50,000 people making their home in the city. It is common to drive through the city using US 380, FM 423 or FM 720. The city is home to over 10 schools including Little Elm High School. People choose to settle down in Little Elm because of the central location, affordable homes, and the friendly and safe neighborhoods. People often visit the city because of the Little Elm beach which sits on the edge of Lewisville Lake.

    In Texas, we have historically enjoyed low electricity rates due to our booming oil and gas industry. Due to the recent green energy initiative, Texas businesses are disincentivized to build coal and gas plants to provide the cheap power we were so accustomed to. Consequently, electricity rates have been on the rise and west coast companies have flooded the market. Credible Solar is Texas owned and operated and will do our best for homeowners and businesses looking to transition to green energy.

  • Weather Conditions Make Solar Perfect for North Texas!

    Little Elm enjoys a comfortable climate receiving an average of 256 sunny days to the nation's average of 205 days of sun. Temperatures range from 33 degrees to over 100, but averages about 70-85 degrees throughout the year. Little Elm receives an average of 39 inches of rain to the United State's average of 38 inches a year.

    During the wintertime, Little Elm receives about 10 hours of sunlight and gets about 14 daylight hours in the summertime. All of this considered, Little Elm is one of the best places for a solar panel installation. Homeowners who have a solar array installed could see short and long term savings on their electric bill and increase their home’s property value.

  • Do You Qualify For Solar? Apply now.

    Credible Solar is ready to install solar panels on your home or business in Little Elm. We are comfortable installing on rooftops, sheds, and on the ground. We have the software to customize whatever solar power system you want. Our representatives are familiar with CoServ Electric and their net metering plans and incentives. Making the switch to clean energy is easy with Credible Solar starting with setting up a free consultation. We work side-by-side with you to make sure we accommodate your home or businesses' energy needs. We're a local solar company and excited to service your home or business.

    Call or go online to Credible Solar for your free solar estimate in Little Elm today!

Little Elm Solar Installation

Upgrade your property with Credible Solar and save money with renewables!

  • 80% Americans DON'T qualify for solar!

    You may qualify for a federal tax credit for 26% the total cost of your solar system. Ask us about local incentives with your utility provider.


Studies indicate the average American will waste $3,000 on electricity this year!


Time is running out to receive green energy tax credit for 2021!


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In Texas,We've historically enjoyed low electricity rates due to our booming oil and gas industry. With the recent green energy initiative, energy providers in Texas and around the United States have been disincentivized to build coal and gas plants to generate electricity. Consequently, the cheap electricity that we've been accustomed to the last few decades is gone, making solar power the fastest growing industry in the United States!
Our Goal: To bring credibility to the emerging and essential solar industry. Credible Solar has positioned itself in the market as a reliable solution for home and business owners who want to experience the benefits of solar energy. It's our job at Credible Solar to investigate the circumstances that come unique to every client before implementing an energy solution.
Our Mission:To build a decentralized energy grid from renewable energy sources. Decentralizing our energy generation as a country will improve the reliability of our grids as well as reduce carbon emissions which studies show may be resulting in climate change. We plan to build a green energy international highway across the United States and are working with developers now to make every home solar ready. The federal, state, and utility providers have teamed up to make the transition into into renewable energy seamless and affordable. We're a proud American company who will continue making a positive change in the way our society consumes energy.

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