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We take care of financing, pulling permits, the interconnection agreement, ordering materials, and installation! You sell. Sound fair?

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We genuinely want to provide customers with the best sales experience. We work with your company side-by-side with to tailor custom energy solutions unique to each home or business. We want your business to grow.

"Knock It Out The Park" Mentality

We want to hit a home run with our customers by providing unmatched service in our home energy solutions. 

Quality Installations

We offer black on black panels and heat blocking, reflective window tinting for your new Credible home and business!

Get Paid For Your Referrals

Download our "Credible Solar" App on the Apple App Store or Google Play**For customers and individuals not employed by Credible Solar.

Send in referrals

You get paid $25 for sending in verified referrals. After they are installed you will receive the remaining $975 through our Credible Solar app.

Earn bonus cash for deals!

We appreciate you advocating us! We send an additional $500 after you send 5 referrals that move forward with Credible Solar. That totals to up $5500 for simply helping your friends and family own their power.

Electronic Payment

Since we send your money through the app, we do not have to actually hire you. That means you do not have to pay taxes on the money you earn as long as we don't send over $20,000. Of course, we are always hiring for sales reps and installers.

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